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With Aon, you (and your family members, where applicable) benefit healthcare insurance with the attractive reductions and generous policy terms and conditions that we have negotiated for your company. Your wishes are central to the service we provide.
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For your situation we have no policy information available in English language. In order to receive personal advice please read the section 'Personal advice' on this page.

A conscious choice

Care in the Netherlands is good, but the quality does vary. That's why healthcare insurers are setting even higher standards for care providers, healthcare costs, quality and patient-friendliness. Only those care providers who meet the standards set are contracted.

The basic insurance you choose determines the care providers you can use. If you use a care provider who is not contracted, you may have to pay some or all of the costs of the care you choose or have already received.

Personal advice

Choosing healthcare insurance is often quite complex. Have you already selected your healthcare insurance for 2021?

We recommend that you consider the excellent deals your employer has arranged with Aon. Deals that will allow you and your family to benefit from the biggest health insurance companies in the Netherlands.

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