Philips Health Care


If you use one of the Philips health support services, your manager, HR manager or company doctor will ask you during the intake session for your permission to include the transfer of your name and address. If you agree, your manager, HR manager or company doctor will sign a button at the application form. This has several reasons:

  • By giving verbal consent you agree with the fact that you will be directed via Philips Healthcare support for an intervention process;
  • In addition, you consent to the disclosure of your name and address details on the specially for Philips Healthcare support contracted care providers. The caregivers (physiotherapist or psychologist) use this information to call you for an intake, guidance and / of treatment;
  • The results of Philips' Healthcare support be accurately measured. Therefore IAK / VGZ need some information from the user. This includes anonymous data such as the average number of courses and their duration;
  • You are fully informed about what happens to the data, which reports are made and who is allowed to receive. It is therefore up to your privacy protected and secured.

Specially for Philips Healthcare support contracted care obviously also follow the privacy rules which they have drawn from their profession. Sending personal data by these caregivers for example, company physicians, general practitioners, employers or other persons involved, is always done in consultation. After those data have consented IAK only provided information to a contracted provider to bring you into contact with the caregiver for an intake, guidance and / or treatment program.

Medical information will never be disclosed to your employer, not even by the company doctor.