Philips Health Care


It’s in everyone’s interest that you receive quick and competent medical care. Even if you have not called in sick yet, or if you just think you may have a medical problem, you may be eligible for help of Philips Health support.

How can I apply for Philips Health support?

You can only be referred to Philips Health support by your company doctor, HR Manager or line manager. They have the necessary application forms. But you can also play an active role yourself: if you have a problem, approach one of these people as soon as possible. An application form and a permission form must be completed for each referral and sent to the Zorgadvies department. This department will then ensure that the appropriate modules are put in motion.

Application form

Besides the general Application form Philips Health support there's also an Application form  IAK Philips Mediation Health support and an Application form Group training Philips Health support. These forms are available in Dutch language. Your line manager, HR manager or company doctor will fill in the necessary forms on your behalf.


If you use one of the Philips Health support services, your manager, HR manager or company doctor will ask you during the intake session for your permission to include the transfer of your name and address. If you agree, you give permission for passing your name and address data to the care provider. Your manager, HR manager or company doctor will sign a button at the application form.


On reception of the completed forms IAK will make sure that the health support process is initiated. Your care provider (such as a psychologist or physiotherapist) will invite you for an intake. This intake will take place within a number of business days that is agreed on. Also agreements are made on the maximum number of business days between intake and treatment or guidance itself.