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Philips is dedicated to ensuring that employees who are sick or likely to become sick can access medical care without delay. To this end, it deploys Philips Health support.

Philips Health support

Philips Health support is an effective tool for controlling sickness-related absence. It can be implemented even before you actually become ill. Timely intervention reduces the risk of you becoming long-term sick or even unfit for work. That matters not only to you personally but also to your employer and immediate colleagues.

Several modules and products

The Philips Health support package has several modules and products. More information on these services is in the tabs of this page. These modules address the most common reasons underlying sickness absence among Philips employees (stress, lower back pain, waiting lists, workplace conflicts etc.). By deploying one or more of these modules, we can provide you with the care you need without delay.

Care network

Wherever possible, IAK’s Health Care Advice department arranges for the products to be supplied by care providers who operate close to where your company is based. We refer to all these care providers together as the ‘care network’.

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Management Coaching (MC)

Personal advice to managers and personnel officers on diverse problems encountered by - or with - employees. They can use this product as a basis for their dialogues with the company welfare worker. The above advice can be given in person or by telephone.

Mediation (MED)

The guidance of parties involved in workplace conflicts, helping them together to arrive at a solution that is acceptable to all parties.

Short-term Psychological Care Online (SPCO)

The diagnosis and treatment of mild/moderate psychological problems via internet. If the employee in question is off sick, a three-way dialogue between the manager, the psychologist and the employee can be arranged. The internet (preferably screen-based interaction) replaces face-to-face communication between the employee and the care provider.

Intensive Psychological Care (IPC)

The diagnosis and treatment of complex psychological problems and/or multiple disorders, requiring a higher number of treatment sessions over a longer period.

Trauma Relief and Aftercare Advice (TRAA)

Counselling following shocking, unexpected events, thereby reducing significantly the risk of long-term trauma and hence trauma-related sickness absence. TCA can be put in place for a department or team within one day, and if required one or more company care workers can even be made available within 2 hours following the event to provide group counselling.

Physical intake (PI)

Before any physical treatment takes place, a careful analysis is made of the health problem.

Short-term Physical Recovery Coaching (SPRC)*

Treatment and advice for Philips employees with sub-acute/acute posture and locomotor problems that impact their performance at work. The physical resilience is increased so that the employee can cope better with physical pressure at work. Communication may take place face-to-face or online.

Long-term Physical Recovery Coaching (LPRC)*

Treatment, coaching and training over a longer period for Philips employees with complex posture and locomotor problems that impact their performance at work. Communication may take place face-to-face or online.

Workstation Check-up (light version)

A one-off assessment of the workstation, the individual’s work methods and the Philips employee’s work techniques, followed by advice aimed at promoting a healthy work style.

Physical Workstation Recovery Coaching (PWRC)

The Philips employee is taught a healthy working posture, work technique and work style. In the process, he/she learns to calculate his/her workload and so anticipate and prevent problems.

Physical Workload Training (PWT)

EA training programme, the purpose of which is to increase work capacity and prevent or minimise problems in the future.

Nutrition and Exercise (NE)

A group training programme for overweight Philips employees, with the purpose of teaching them healthier eating habits and exercise patterns.

* Within the Philips Company Care Package, the employee may, depending on the situation, opt to alternate face-to-face sessions with online sessions when following these coaching modules.

Waiting List Mediation (WLM)

Realisation of the fastest possible access to appropriate health care, by making optimal use of the capacity available in the Netherlands and, in some cases, abroad.

Expertise (EXP): Ascertainment

Using monodisciplinary and multidisciplinary diagnostic procedures - of the cause of the sickness absence, followed by advice on appropriate treatment.

The Health support package menu contains several products that can only be started at the request of a Philips’ company doctor. The package menu offers extra possibilities aiming at the health of the Philips employees, supplementary to Health support.

Budget Coach (BC)

Helps Philips employees set their financial affairs in order, providing them with tips and recommendations to get them back on track.

Informal care coach (ICC)

We attend informal caregivers to combine their labour and caregiving duties, in order to achieve good balance between them.

Psychosocial Dossier Screening

Investigation of dossiers on Philips employees who have been unfit for work for longer than 6 weeks due to psychological problems. The aim is to prevent employees from ending up in receipt of benefit under the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act due to psychological problems.

Behaviour-based Reintegration Programme

A reintegration programme that focuses on increasing the physical and functional resilience of those Philips employees with chronic or recurring posture and locomotor problems that impact their performance at work. There often tends to be a psychosocial or behavioural problem underlying the physical symptoms.

Multidisciplinary First-line Rehabilitation (MFR)

Examinations, advice and treatments of a combined medical, paramedical, behavioural, rehabilitational and/or occupational nature. The care provided includes rehabilitation and/or assistance with getting back into work. MFR can help prevent employees whose symptoms last longer than 3 months from being excluded from the labour market for too long. It teaches participants to find creative ways of performing well despite their limitations and to increase their physical and mental resilience.

How can I apply for Package Menu Health support?

You can only be referred to Philips BedrijfsZorg via your line manager, company doctor or HR Manager. They have the necessary application forms.

All downloads such as application forms, permission forms, instruction and explanation documents are only available in Dutch language. Please refer to your HR manager, line manager or company doctor to fill in the necessary application form and permission form.

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