Financial services

Aon is an independent financial advisor. Aon provides expats with professional and personal assistance to arrange a tailor made financial planning. The financial planning forms the start for the final mortgage solution.

Mortgage Advice

You are planning to stay in the Netherlands for a longer period of time and therefore are considering buying a property. Depending on your personal situation it could well be possible to buy a property and arrange a Dutch mortgage. Even when you do not have a permanent residence permit there are possibilities to arrange a mortgage. 

Our independent financial advisors can provide you with the right information in your personal situation. There are many possibilities when it comes to types of mortgage. Most people choose for a combination of types. For example, an interest-only mortgage and/or a repayment mortgage. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages you will have to consider when you are making your choice. 

In the Netherlands, when you have a mortgage, there are several tax advantages you can enjoy. The interest payments are tax deductible. And so are the costs related to arranging the mortgage. These, and other, tax advantages can make buying a property financially more attractive than renting a property. For more information about available types of mortgages and the related tax advantages, you can contact our advisors for a personal advice.

We offer you more

Besides mortgage advice, Aon offers you a full A–Z financial service. We are an independent financial advisor. We offer our services throughout the Netherlands.


Although a loved-one can never be replaced by money, having a cash sum paid to the surviving dependents in the case of death will ease the burden of financial insecurity. We can offer you a broad selection of life insurances. If an expat suffers an illness or accident that prevents him/her from being able to work for an extended period of time, it is wise to have an income protection insurance. An income protection insurance will provide the expat with a regular monthly income when such a situation occurs.

Savings and investments

Are you looking for profitable investments? We assist you with lump sum payments in your portfolio. This can with or without assistance form professional asset managers. We can provide you with more information about the available options.


Do you want to enjoy an untroubled (early) retirement? Then good retirement planning is essential. We can offer you tailor-made solutions based on your personal situation.

Personal advice

When you move to a new country, understanding all the financial issues can be quite a challenge. Our advisors are here for you to answer all your questions and explain the options we have to offer you. In a personal meeting we can evaluate your personal financial situation and advice you about the best solutions in mortgages, pensions, (expat) insurances etcetera. That is what we call our tailor-made advice. We are aware of the fact that you might have many questions. Our advisors are looking forward to offer you the explanation you need. Feel free to contact our advisors today.